Colocation Addons

Local Data Backup Service

We provide backup storage devices setup with multiple Raid protected drives to minimise any data loss for your backups. An additional 1Gbps ethernet port is connected so that these backups are on a private unmetered connection available via NFS, ISCSI or FTP. Private backups do not incur any additional bandwidth fees.

Monthly pricing for the local data backup solution is as follows:

$20.00 - 200GB Backup Storage Space
$30.00 - 350GB Backup Storage Space
$50.00 - 1000GB Backup Storage Space
$80.00 - 2000GB Backup Storage Space

ipKVM Controller

We recommend you utilise the functions of your server’s IPMI / iLO / iDRAC / IMM which provides ipKVM features remotely. To do this you need to ensure you have one additional switch port and IP Address in addition to your server to access this feature. If your plan has only one switch port, you will need to purchase an additional switch port for this purpose. If your plan has two switch ports then you can utilise this feature. An additional switch port costs $20 per month.

Managed Firewall Service (Fortinet Fortigate)

The Fortinet FortiGate series of security appliances deliver high performance, multi-threat protection at a compelling cost that is ideal for securing equipment. Complete Unified Threat Management (UTM) features including firewall, VPN, intrusion prevention, Web filtering, antispam, antivirus, antispyware, traffic shaping and IM/P2P controls prevent blended attacks or unauthorized use from interrupting business. We configure our managed firewall service using two Fortinet Fortigate 80D Firewalls in an active / passive firewall cluster, to ensure maximum uptime, with this service provided for clients anticipating levels of under 5000GB of monthly data (higher enterprise services are available – POA).

Firewall Features

  • 1.3Gbps Firewall Throughput (1518 byte UDP packets)
  • 200Mbps IPSec VPN Throughput
  • 800Mbps IPS Throughput
  • 1.5 Million Concurrent Sessions
  • 22,000 New Sessions/Sec
  • 200 Concurrent SSL VPN Users (Recommended Max)
  • Unlimited User Licenses
  • ICSA Labs Certified (Enterprise Firewall, IPSec, SSL, NIPS, Gateway Antivirus)
  • SIP/H323 NAT Traversal
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
  • LAN / WAN Based Administration
  • Application Control
  • FortiGuard UTM Licensing


  • VPN, PPTP, IPSec and SSL Dedicated Tunnels, additional technical service fee - $POA
  • Two Factor Authentication Supported - $POA
  • Load Balancing Capabilities, additional technical service fee - $POA

We also provide dedicated single and dedicated dual high availability for higher bandwidth requirements (or bespoke solutions), to request a custom configuration to meet with your specific requirements, please contact our Sales Team today.

Hardware Firewall Services

  • 2 x Fortinet Managed Firewalls
  • Dual Redundant Firewalls Setup in HA (High Availability)
  • Unique Subnet & Unique VLAN Management
  • Firewall Rule Initial Setup & Configuration
  • Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)


Initial Setup - $200.00
Monthly Fee - $80.00

Dedicated Hardware Firewall

  • 1 x Dedicated Fortigate 80D

Initial Setup - $300.00
Monthly Fee - $150.00

Dedicated Hardware Firewall Cluster

  • 2 x Dedicated Fortigate 80D’s

Initial Setup - $400.00
Monthly Fee - $300.00

Remote Reboot Port

Utilising enterprise grade APC switched power distributions, we are able to provide our clients with the self management power management for their servers / devices. This is particularly useful when a server operating system or software has caused an application hang and enables the server to be rebooted via the power port.

$20.00 - Monthly Remote Reboot Option

DNS + Email Hosting

We provide you with the DNS / email hosting for your domain names and leave all processing power of your server for serving of your application and software. As part of this service, we provide a singular domain name and 10 email accounts per DNS / email hosting account.

$10.00 - 1 x DNS + 10 Email Account Hosting Package
$20.00 - 2 x DNS + 10 Email Account Hosting Package
$30.00 - 3 x DNS + 10 Email Account Hosting Package
$40.00 - 4 x DNS + 10 Email Account Hosting Package
$50.00 - 5 x DNS + 10 Email Account Hosting Package

Operating System Patching

We perform a quarterly operating system 'patch day Sunday', where all operating system patches for your server are maintained and kept up to date. This is performed outside of business hours.

Monthly Fee - $80.00


We install and configure ClamAV (for Linux) or Trend Micro Deep Security – Anti-Malware to ensure that your systems are being scanned against virus threats.

Monthly Fee for Trend Micro Deep Security – Anti-Malware - From $15.00
Monthly Fee for ClamAV - Free!

Fully Managed Backup

To ensure systems are being backed up, we offer a fully managed backup service, which reduces the need for your team to manage. We use Acronis ABR11.5 for Windows / Linux systems, otherwise PHD Virtual for systems running virtualisation (VMWare / Xen Server).

Managed Backup includes

  • Fully managed backup
  • Daily checks performed on business days by our Support Team to ensure correct backup functioning and rectification if necessary
  • Unique Subnet & Unique VLAN Management
  • Alerting Escalation to Intervolve Technicians
  • 1000GB NAS Storage attached to each server
  • Other backup targets also possible, including offsite NAS - for these other options please enquire - $POA

Initial Setup - $400.00
Monthly Fee - $80.00

Server Uptime Monitoring & SMS Alerting

To ensure that your critical web applications are online, we offer uptime monitoring in a variety of checks, the most popular is our HTTP / PING check from 16 locations around the globe, which includes SMS alerts to your team members, and also the DP Unicom Support Team. For 5 Minute HTTP / PING check, the fees are:

Monthly Fee - $20.00

Server Metrics Monitoring & Email Alerting

To ensure that your system metrics are within safe limits, we configure CPU, memory, disk IO (Linux) and disk space monitoring via SNMP using Nagios. As standard we configure alert thresholds to 80% of available resources, and automate emails to your team in the event that a threshold is reached. Our Support Team also work proactively in threshold limits and approach your team members to request information on whether upgrades are necessary in these events to ensure safety of your online systems.

Monthly Fee - $15.00